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When you pick up this edition of the Pulse you will notice a couple of things. It is ‘thicker’ than it used to be and there is more content. In addition to our regular fare (listings of activities, events, recipes and of course an offering from our resident writer David Arnason), we have tried to offer more feature articles. Read up on this year’s Islendingadagurinn, Gimli’s Icelandic Festival; learn about the magic of Hecla Island; the Lake Winnipeg Research vessel the Namao; and Shoot to Score Hockey Camps featuring NHL stars Reggie and Jamie Leach. Let Ryder and his ambitious plan to create beanies for babies inspire you. In tribute to the late Jim Millar we are re-running an article of his about RV’ing. For those of you who did not have the pleasure of knowing this gentleman from Balmoral, Jim was a regular contributor to the Pulse. He loved to spin a tale and we at the Pulse are honoured to have been the recipients of his creative talent and well researched work.


Our family spent all of last winter here except for a 10 day sojurn to Mexico. Whatever happened to spring? It feels as though we have gone directly from winter into summer. The lakes are low and conditions pretty dry but that wind still loves to blow in our home between the lakes. So like all of you, residents and cottagers alike, we are more than ready for summer – swimming, walking, biking, reading, relaxing and just plain enjoying life in the Interlake. Stay safe by updating your knowledge of ‘disease carrying’ ticks and learn how to avoid getting bitten as part of your vacation ready plan. 


The staff at the Pulse hope that you will enjoy our renewed format and most importantly, the summer that lies ahead. Wishing you a joy-filled summer celebrating with family and friends. See you next year – same time, same place!  

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